May 22, 2017


Evacuation Chair | Evacuation Equipment’s

Escape Mobility Evacuation Equipment is well known for its functionality, innovation and highest quality. Safe Mobility is the distributor for Escape Mobility like Evacuation chair, Stairs evacuation chair, evac chair etc. in the United Arab Emirates and for all GCC countries. In order to support our clients with the best consultancy and after sales, we are located in Dubai and work very closely with the manufacturers and well known shipping companies. The products range from evacuation chairs and evacuation mattresses, to evacuation sheets, making Escape Mobility the “leader” in evacuation equipment. The production of Escape Mobility is in the Netherlands and Germany, which guarantees 100% high quality and provides TUV Nord and ISO 9001 certifications


Evacuation Chair

An evacuation chair is the most successful mobility equipment that helps to evacuate physically challenged people or pregnant ladies from the stairs or the floor level. With the help of evacuation equipment like evacuation chair, a person can glide easily over the stairs and moves smoothly at the floor levels in the emergency situations like fire , bomb threat etc.

Places Where Evacuation Chairs Are Important:

  • High Rise Buildings
  • Software Tech Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Apartments

Why Is It Important to Have an Evacuation Chair?

At the time of emergencies like fires, bomb threats, etc., the lifts can’t work. Most of the time the lifts stop working in the emergency situations. At that time, to evacuate the physically challenged people or pregnant ladies from tall buildings is the main challenging work. They can’t walk down by themselves, and you can’t quickly come out of the building by lifting them in your arms. Evacuation chairs work best in these kinds of situations.

When fire breaks out in the building or the flight, most of the time people with mobility impairments are left behind because the staff don’t have an emergency evacuation plan for them. So if these places have evacuation chairs, the same situation can be handled safely as well as quickly.

Evacuation chairs are also known as disabled evacuation chair, stairs evacuation chair, fire evacuation chairs, Evac chairs, etc. With the help of this chair, it’s very simple to transfer the wheelchair users or the less able bodied people from the emergency situation to a safe place. No need to lift them, you can easily glide them to the stairs.

The location of the evacuation equipment is also very much important. The evacuation chair should be on the flight near the stars, in the bedroom, near the accessible fire stairs. It’s also difficult to locate the evacuation chair at the precise locations where it will be needed. So choose the chair that is light weight and you can easily carry it.

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