Power Wheelchair

For freedom and mobility, power wheelchairs are the best option. At Safe Mobility, we have a range of electric chairs and power wheelchair that suit your needs. We have an experienced team who can solve your all the queries regarding electric chairs. Our chairs are of standard quality and fully customized. Electric chairs can fulfill the requirements of a wide range of users with different options in leg, arm and seating.
The electric chairs come with specific features as per the customer’s requirements such as indoor use, outdoor use or both. You can also choose a chair which is easy to transport in car from one place to another place. If you have any kind of confusion regarding the selection of the chair, you can instantly call our executive for the prompt response.


Transportable Electric Wheelchairs: This wheelchairs offer mobility in a lighter package that generally weight less than 100 lbs. The assembling of the part is easy that allows you to transport this chair easily. You can put the assembled chair in the trunk of your car and transport it from one place to another. This type of electric chair comes in a compact size which is suitable for limited spaces or narrow doorways.
Power-base Electric Wheelchairs: This wheelchair is identified by its motor and wheel placement. The chair provides the comfortable ride, an accurate turning radius and a good battery range. Power-base electric wheelchairs come with a great number of options such as suspension, driving, seating and handling. These chairs generally have minimum center of gravity and that makes the ride hassle free, stable and secure. Some of the power-base electric chairs come with suspension packages that make them suitable for outdoor use, while some electric chairs are made for indoor use that has a small turning radius.
Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs: This kind of electric chairs are specially made the people who want to use it on outdoor surfaces. You can easily use a heavy duty electric chair on almost all the surfaces that you will likely encounter on a daily basis. The chair comes with rear, front and mid wheel drive options. These chairs also come with larger wheels and specially designed to give a smooth and easy ride over rough territory and up some inclines.
Safe Mobility offers a range of electric chairs that can fulfill your all kinds of mobility requirements. We have Power Wheelchair for sale at our store in Dubai Mall. We also Rent Electric Wheelchair, Power Wheelchairs etc. Contact us at +971 (0) 52 – 68 33 450 to get the electric chair in 24 hours.