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Wheelchairs are like blessings for the handicap people. With the help of this chair, a person can do various tasks by himself. But, if we check, around 80% to 90% of wheelchair users doesn’t get the proper fitting as per their size. Try to get wheelchair from a good wheelchair suppliers in Dubai. It’s the same situation like you are wearing a small or a big sized shoe in your leg. Why?

  • Because people don’t have idea about proper fitting of wheel chair
  • Because their bodies and need change as the time passes
  • Because wheelchairs can be just one part in the irresistible process of learning to deal with restricted mobility.

Wheelchairs come in different types and size. It also offers various kinds of options for how they feel, how they fit, how they respond, and what functionalities they offers. Choosing the right one can help in maximizing the mobility.


Improved mobility:  With the help of wheelchair, you can move around as per your needs. They provide the comfort and active lifestyle for the user. The user also can do the task hassle free.

Independence and Increased Socialization: A number of people (mostly seniors) who feel unbalanced while walking, stop to do many activities because of the risk of injury. Wheelchairs allow them to enjoy their hobbies and regular activities without any risk factor.

Injury Prevention: Wheelchair is really very beneficial that can prevent injuries related to balance and instability. People who don’t take a step because of the fear of falling or injury, this wheelchair give them freedom to move around with more ease.

Comfort: A wheelchair with the accurate fitting provides comfortable seating and accurate back support. You can also breath without any hassle, swallow easier and experience less pain.

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1) Manual Wheelchair : These types of wheelchairs are lightweight. To move this chair, you need to provide physical force.

2) Electric Wheelchair: These types of wheelchairs come with motors, including large rechargeable batteries to provide force to them.

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